Custom New Home Construction Electrical Design and Services

Custom simply means it’s your way.

We listen, advise, and create.

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Luxury home with custom lighting.

Welcome to a new dimension in custom home building where your electrical system isn't just a necessity—it's a pivotal feature of your luxury and comfort. At My Home Electrician, we're all about bringing your dreams to life. Everyone can tap into what we offer because, for us, "custom" isn't just a fancy term—it's how we make sure you get exactly what you need. So, go ahead and inject your personality into it, no matter what your budget looks like.

Custom Lighting in Hallway

Our Approach

Our company culture emphasizes relationships because we know you’re dealing with and meeting our technicians all the time. “Success is a symptom of strong relationships.” And you’re also probably not getting treated like a valued client by other businesses you deal with. This is where we strive to ensure you feel valued and have a fantastic experience with us each time.

As far as custom tailored, "Make it your own" isn't just our tagline—it's our philosophy. Your home's electrical setup should reflect your personal style and needs. So, we kick things off by diving into what you're really dreaming about—be it setting up your place with the latest smart home gadgets, making sure you can live sustainably off-the-grid, or getting just the right mood with custom lighting setups. Our experienced team is all about crafting a space that just clicks with you. 

Services Offered

Custom Electrical System Design

Tailored wiring layouts that blend efficiency with aesthetics, providing convenience and functionality.

smart home

Smart Home Solutions

By weaving in top-notch automation, you can ramp up your home's security, bump up the coziness factor, and make it more energy-smart all at once.

Green home energy

Renewable Energy Efficient Solutions

We're all about bringing you the latest in green technology, from harnessing the power of the sun with solar panels to keeping that energy going round-the-clock with our advanced battery storage systems.

off the grid electrical services

Off-Grid Electrical Systems, Backup Generators

We have expertise in self-sufficient systems for remote homes.

Backup Generator installs, and we can pre-install generator systems which saves $2,000+ versus waiting until your home is constructed and complete.


Custom Lighting Design

Let us design ambient and artistic lighting solutions that highlight your home's best features.

Our Process

Our process is meticulously designed to ensure excellence.


Initial Consultation: We start with a detailed discussion to capture your vision and requirements.


Site Evaluation: We take a close look at your property to make sure our designs blend seamlessly with the environment around it.


Design Phase: Our expertly skilled electricians precisely craft the design, focusing on safety and quality.


Implementation: Our skilled electricians execute the design with precision, focusing on safety and quality.


Final Walkthrough: We walk you through the new system, ensuring it meets your expectations and fully familiarize you with its features.

Stairway lighting

Why Choose Us

Choosing My Home Electrician means opting for a partnership that values:

  • Tailored Solutions
    Every home is unique, and so should be its electrical systems, crafted to reflect your lifestyle.
  • Expertise and Experience
    Our team’s extensive experience ensures we handle all aspects of custom electrical work with professionalism.
  • Commitment to Quality
    We use only the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to deliver durable and reliable systems.
  • Sustainability and Efficiency Focus
    We're here to guide you on how to lower your impact on the planet and your wallet without having to sacrifice the quality or comfort you love.
  • Relationship Emphasis
    Our first business goal was to ensure that "success is a symptom of good relationships," and this remains at the heart of our operations.

What Our Clients Say

"James is very knowledgeable and has great expertise! He helped me create the aesthetic I was going for while thinking about resell value for the future. He was professional and fast and even supplied me with knowledge I was needing for future projects! Highly recommend calling My Home Electrician for your future needs."


Make It Your Own

You should have an electrical system that matches your style - one that fits how you live and shows off what you're all about. With My Home Electrician, you're not simply building a home; you're crafting an experience. Let’s make your dream home a reality with electrical solutions that are truly "yours."

Remember, at My Home Electrician, we help you "Make it your own."

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Can smart home systems be integrated during a remodel?

Yes, we can seamlessly add smart technologies to enhance existing setups.

How do you ensure the electrical system is sustainable?

We prioritize energy-efficient designs and renewable technologies to lower your costs and environmental impact.

What makes your custom lighting designs unique?

We craft our designs with a mix of good looks, practicality, and you in mind. This way, every installation feels like it was made just for you and fits your space.

Areas We Serve

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