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Electrical services are usually not something you think about until you need them. When that time comes, My Home Electrician has you in hand "like a good neighbor.” We are a family operated, Veteran-owned business run by James, a multigenerational electrician. See Our Story here. To Krugerville, TX, homeowners we offer a variety of electrical solutions, from creating custom lighting designs, to whole house lighting and electrical systems, electric panel replacements, setting up electric vehicle (EV) garage charging plugs and more listed below. Our focus is collaborating with you for customization to enhance your home's look and feel.

Custom Existing Electrical and Interior, Exterior Lighting

Electrical services run the gauntlet from panels, wiring, plugs and everything in between. Lighting is exciting so we'll talk a little bit about it here. Lighting is more than just "not being in the dark.” Lighting can make a personal statement about your style when done with intention and working with us at My Home Electrician because we love to help you get a customized look and feel. Custom lighting solutions provide that "WOW Factor.” Here's how we do it:

  • Layer different types of lighting—ambient, task, recessed and accent—for a balanced look.
  • Use dimmers for versatility and energy savings whether interior lighting or exterior lighting
  • Choose fixtures that reflect your style and complement your home’s look and theme.

Collaborating with an electrician who has experience in custom lighting can turn your space into something beautiful and practical. 

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Electrical Panel Replacements or Upgrades in Krugerville, TX

An outdated (20+ years) or overloaded electrical panel is a significant problem and safety risk for your family. Here are reasons to consider an upgrade:

  • Modern appliances and devices require more power than 2004 panels and older can supply.
  • Warning signs like frequent breaker trips, flickering lights, or burning smells should not be ignored.
  • Upgrading can enhance your home's safety, keep you out of code violations and allow you to sell your home when the time comes. If your panel has a problem your home could fail inspection.

If you're experiencing these issues, call or text our professional electricians to assess your panel and recommend whether you need a repair or a full upgrade.

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Custom New Home Electrical Designs in Krugerville, TX

Building a custom home is an exciting process. For many people it's a once in a lifetime process. Let us at My Home Electrician make it a wonderful experience for you instead of the nightmare it is for a lot of people. We can accent your style so you love the finished product. Here’s how:

  • Designing custom lighting to enhance the elegance, match the theme and set the mood for each room. We've also done lots of outdoor lighting, house exterior lighting under your roof overhangs and your lawn and driveway.
  • Integrating smart home technology for convenience and efficiency.
  • Planning for future needs, such as extra outlets or special lighting features.

Working with an electrician who understands your vision ensures that your electrical system meets your needs safely and effectively. 

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Electric Vehicle Charging Installation in Krugerville, TX

If you buy an electric vehicle you know you need a charging station in your garage but you may not know all the considerations to ensure your battery charges and you get the outcome you expect. There's more to it than meets the eye. We've only seen standardization with Tesla and can certainly help you with Tesla installs. The other manufacturers are where we help you even more with the consultation and guidance on what charger is going to be best for you. Before installation, consider the following:

  • Check your vehicle's charging specifications and compatibility.
  • Assess your home's electrical system to ensure it can handle the additional load.
  • Have us look at what brand of charger will best fit for you.

Working with our skilled electricians ensures your charging station is installed safely and meets local codes. We’ll also advise on necessary upgrades to your electrical panel to support faster battery charging.

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Backup Generator Installs in Krugerville, TX

Power outages in Texas can happen anytime and we are especially vulnerable in the scorching Texas summers and early autumn. Your backup generator gives you peace of mind and keeps you and your family in comfort and safety. Having a backup generator installed ensures your home stays powered during storms or grid failures. Consider these points:

  • Determine the generator size based on your power needs during an outage. Even though we love things bigger in Texas, going too big costs you more money than you needed to spend.
  • Decide between a modular portable generator and a permanent standby whole home generator.
  • Understand the installation process and maintenance requirements.

Our expert electricians at My Home Electrician can help you select and install the right backup power solution to fit your plan and desires. 

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Project Rescues for When Your General Contractor Abandons You

Construction projects can sometimes go off course. If your contractor takes your money and leaves without completing the work in the contract you both agreed on, our project rescue services come into play to help you. Here's how:

  • Review your project to see its current state and overall remaining needs
  • Assess the current state of your project’s electrical and identify any safety concerns.
  • Create a plan to get your project back on track.

Implement solutions that align with your original vision and meet code requirements.

The goal is to get you back on the path to your original vision as close to the timeline you expected when you signed your original contract. Call or text us today to hear our exacting standards and see if we're a good fit to rescue your project.

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Homeowners often have questions about electrical services. Here are some common ones:

What should I consider before hiring an electrician in Krugerville?

Verify their license and insurance, ask about their experience with similar projects, and request references. Also, check if they offer warranties or guarantees on their work.

Can professional electricians assist with home renovations?

Yes, they can update fixtures and outlets, ensure the electrical system can support new appliances, and provide advice on energy-efficient solutions. We at My Home Electrician offer these listed services as well as something most other electrical companies don't offer. We can do general contractor services especially for project rescues if your first contractor left you high and dry.

How important are energy-efficient electrical solutions?

Energy-efficient systems save on energy costs. With inflation having raised electricity bills from 10% to more than 40% in some areas, energy efficiency is more on people’s minds than ever. Options like LED lighting and smart thermostats can significantly lower utility bills and often come with tax incentives.

What emergency services are offered by electricians?

Emergency services address urgent electrical issues like power outages, electrical fires, and short circuits. Call us if any of these strike your house.

Why Choose My Home Electrician?

  • We have gained expertise in a wide range of electrical services, including custom exterior and interior lighting, EV charging installations and custom home construction.
  •  The Importance of professional electrical services for safety and efficiency.
  •  Insights into project rescue services we do when your original plan doesn't come true.
  •  Cost-effective solutions for electrical panel upgrades and energy-efficient designs.

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