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When it comes to electrical services in your home, safety, quality and precision are paramount. James, our owner and military veteran, learned precision, planning and leadership during his time in the military. We are also a family business with James being a 3rd generation electrician and his wife Nastia also working in the business. See Our Story here. In Pilot Point, TX, homeowners have a wide range of electrical things that can go wrong. Review below to see the 6 main ways we can help you.

Electrical Services and WOW Factor Lighting Designs

When something electrical goes wrong in your house, give us a call because we've got you covered. As for lighting, it sets the tone and the mood. Lighting says whether your room is inviting or whether it's dark and scary or creepy. Light is about creating an atmosphere that complements your home’s warm and inviting design. Our Custom lighting solutions provide that "WOW Factor" for you and any of your friends, family and neighbors you invite over. If your lighting isn’t up to your standards, contact us:

  • Layer different types of lighting—ambient, recessed, task, and accent—for a balanced look.
  • Use dimmers for versatility, to set the mood and for energy savings.
  • Choose fixtures that reflect your personal style while serving their intended purpose.

Working with our electricians who have experience in custom lighting can transform your space into fantastic square footage that's beautiful and functional.

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Electrical Panel Replacements or Upgrades in Pilot Point, TX

Your electrical panel is something you've probably never checked or even thought about. You just assumed everything was good. If it's over 20 years old, it's time to check it because these things don't last forever. It can be a safety hazard. Here’s why you might need an upgrade:

  • Modern appliances and devices often require more power than older panels can provide.
  • Signs like frequent breaker trips, flickering lights, or burning smells indicate serious issues.
  • Upgrading your panel can enhance your home's safety and increase its resale value.

If you’ve experienced any of the above, it’s time to consult 1 of our professional electricians who can evaluate your panel and recommend a repair or full upgrade. 

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Custom New Home Electrical Designs in Pilot Point, TX

Building a custom home is one of the most thrilling things adults do and is a huge milestone for your family.  Your electrical system deserves to be designed with intention so it fulfills your lifestyle. Our custom new home electric system designs in Pilot Point, TX, allow you to talk with us so we can design your electrical system tailored to your specific uses. Here's what we consider important:

  • Integrate smart home automation technology for added convenience and efficiency.
  • Design custom lighting that enhances each room's ambiance and functionality.
  • Plan for future needs, such as additional outlets or specialty lighting.

Your home's electrical system impacts nearly every aspect of daily life, so working with an electrician who understands your vision and executes it safely and effectively is essential. 

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Electric Vehicle Charging Installation in Pilot Point, TX

But if you have decided to take the plunge and buy an electric car or electric truck, then you'll need the best possible electric vehicle charging station in your garage. This is where we at My Home Electrician come in to help you. Before proceeding with any installation (using us or otherwise), consider the following:

  • Verify your vehicle’s charging specifications and ensure compatibility. There are lots of different manufacturers and battery chargers to choose from and you don't want to choose one that under performs, doesn't meet your expectations, or takes 24 hours to charge your vehicle’s battery when you wanted to charge in a few minutes or few hours.
  • Assess if your home’s current electrical system can handle the additional load + the watts to pump out fast enough to keep up with your charger.

Our skilled electricians ensure your charging station is installed safely and complies with local codes. We also check if your electrical panel needs upgrading to support this new charging station. 

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Backup Generator Installs in Pilot Point, TX

Power outages can strike at any time and Pilot Point is not immune. A backup generator is the missing thing that can ensure your family’s comfort and safety during these nagging and annoying blackouts or brown outs that happen sometimes on those hottest of summer days. Installing a backup generator ensures your freezer, refrigerator, Internet router and other critical devices you decide on stay powered on during storms or grid failures. Here’s what we consult with you on:

  • Determine the generator size, wattage, output needed based on your power usage during an outage.
  • Decide between a modular portable generator or a permanent whole house standby generator.
  • Understand the installation process and maintenance requirements.

Our expert electricians guide you through selecting and installing the right backup power solution. 

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Project Rescues for When Your General Contractor Abandons You

Very few companies are willing to step in when some other contractor messed up because it's hard to know what they messed up and how bad it is. If a contractor abandons your project or unexpected electrical issues arise, Call us because our project rescue services can help you. Here’s how:

  • We assess the current state of your construction and your electrical to identify what remains incomplete and any safety concerns or fire hazards.
  • We create a plan with you and for you to get your project back on track, focusing on critical tasks.
  • Implement these solutions to bring your original vision to life while meeting code requirements so your new family home passes inspection with flying colors.

The goal is to transform your frustration and pain into joy as your vision for your home comes to reality. Call or text us today for our specialized help in this particular “when general contractors go bad" situation.

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Homeowners often have questions about electrical services. Here are some common ones:

What should I consider before hiring an electrician in Pilot Point?

Verify their license and insurance to ensure they are qualified and covered. Ask about their experience with similar projects and request references. Also, check for warranties or guarantees on their workmanship.

Can professional electricians assist with home renovations?

Yes, they can update fixtures and outlets, ensure the electrical system supports new appliances, and provide insights into energy-efficient solutions. We also offer project rescues and customized lighting designs (interior, exterior, outdoor and lawn) and custom electrical designs.

How important are energy-efficient electrical solutions?

Energy-efficient solutions are vital for lowering energy costs. Options like LED lighting, smart thermostats and smart home automation can significantly reduce utility bills and often come with tax incentives.

What emergency services are offered by electricians?

Emergency services handle urgent electrical issues like power outages, electrical fires, and short circuits. Call us if you're having an emergency electrical problem.

Why Choose My Home Electrician?

  • Our expertise in a wide range of electrical services, including EV charging installations and custom home construction.
  • The importance of professional electrical services for safety, code compliance and you and your family’s peace of mind.
  • Insights into our project rescue services when you’re facing general contractor abandonment. Or if you hired an electrician before you found out about us, and they left you high and dry, give us a call or text us so we can get your electricity and electrical systems back on track.
  • Cost-effective solutions for electrical panel upgrades and energy-efficient designs.

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